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Hughes Broadband


  • FAST! Speeds from 256Kbps to blazingly fast 3 Mbps!
  • Faster file transfers. Real-time E-Mail, Stock Quotes, Streaming Video/Audio. Unrestricted Internet Access!
  • Wireless service is "always-on," a 24 X 7 instant connection.
  • Wireless fast-access eliminates multiple phone lines & ISP access accounts.
  • Reduces staff wait times & encourages productivity.

Advanced multimedia, faster e-commerce, and reliable Internet access! We move faster and fly right over the last mile without infrastructure delays. Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint, go where you want to go! Wireless doesn't rely on existing phone or cable lines. Convert & relay wireless data signals to CPE (customer premise equipment) mounted on rooftops or towers. Trust true data encryption, high reliability, and fast access with fewer service disruptions. Free from the expenses of ground-based services, Netlink IP Communications wireless costs are relatively minor by broadband standards.

Speed and reliability for a fixed cost is important to our customers. We operate a multi-homed network at our Data Center - we guarantee 99.999% availability.

Netlink IP Communications provides affordable high-speed Wireless Internet, LAN and WLAN systems and equipment operating in the license-free spectrum and offers high-speed data transfer to subscribers in both directions. Wireless bridges school-to-school, classroom-to-classroom, Local, State and Federal government agencies, hospitals to physicians, hotels to patrons, real estate and many other businesses that need high-speed connectivity between offices and warehouses, buildings on campus or in a city.

We offer Wireless backbone Internet Solutions for ISPs and Website Hosting Companies needing to avoid the high cost of T1 landline installation and monthly fees. With our Spread Spectrum Technology and Wireless LAN (WLAN) products you can build an internal wireless corporate network. We offer complete end-to-end services addressing all aspects of high-speed wireless networking (WLAN) and Wireless Internet Point Of Presence (WIPOP). Netlink IP Communications brings you the latest and best in Wireless LAN (WLAN) Equipment. Please look around our site and contact us for information and/or have any questions you need answered.

If you have a need for Wireless Data Communications or Wireless Networks Equipment, be it Wireless LAN (WLAN) or Wireless Internet Communications, Netlink IP Communications has a complete range of Spread Spectrum Data Radios and Ethernet devices.

Connection Speed Advantages Disadvantages
Cable AT&T promises 100 times faster access than 28.8 phone modems, but analysts say 35 times faster would be the norm. Two-Way "always on" access. Can be bundled with phone and TV service. Most cable systems have not yet received necessary fiber-optic upgrades. Upgrades could cost AT&T $10 billion and take years. Since cable lines are shared, heavy internet traffic will slow down the connections for neighbors to a crawl.
Satellite Downloads 13 times faster than phone modem, but present uploads must go through phone lines. Will work anywhere with satellite dish, open skies and a phone line. Technology still being developed. Can only offer one way high speed service, and lacks the constant connections of Cable, DSL and Wireless.
DSL Roughly 26 times faster than 28.8 phone modems. Two-Way "Always on" access. Speeds are more constant than cable since lines are dedicated to individual users. Installations have been expensive and time consuming. Doesn't work more than 3 or 4 miles from phone companies central office. Not available in rural areas.
Wireless Provides access speeds 100 times faster than Cable or DSL Two-Way "Always On" access. Can reach places phone wires and cable networks can't, allowing Web access through hand-held devices or other moving targets. Cheaper to install than below ground wires. Technology still being developed. Transmissions need to be line of sight. Bad weather could hinder connection speed.